PODS (Portable Outdoor Distribution Stations)

Partner Technologies designs and manufactures portable outdoor distribution stations (PODS) in standard sizes up to 12.5MVA at 145kV.

PODS allow customers to save significant costs compared to building a conventional distribution substation. The unique design offers customers a completely tamper resistant deadfront substation with a minimal footprint. It is safe and has improved aesthetics, eliminating fencing and extensive overhead structures.

At 12.5MVA, the integrated modular concept ships fully assembled on a standard trailer eliminating a lot of costs associated with on-site substation planning, assembly, oil processing, and testing.

PODS are designed to be maintenance free. Reliability is improved because the station has no live parts exposed to the environment or wildlife. Protective monitoring equipment is supplied for local inspection. However, PTI can add communication to provide remote monitoring or adding the station to an existing SCADA system.

Typical substations can take upwards of two years to develop, design, purchase materials, construct, and commission. PODS will not only save signi cant costs, but can also be manufactured, shipped and installed in less than 24 weeks after receipt of order.

PODS Product Brochure